Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Springbreak 2013: Las Vegas and the Hammer Museum

Last week concluded my week long spring break from school. It was very well needed. My dad, sister and I went to Las Vegas to see some relatives and while I was there I got to visit the huge Forever 21 and newly opened Top Shop store. Of course I was broke so I couldn't buy anything but it was good retail therapy to look at all the amazing clothes they had. On that note, I'm looking desperately for a job, so if any of you know any place in Los Angeles (preferably Santa Monica) that is hiring, talk to me ASAP! 

Next I went to the Hammer Museum for the first time and I really enjoyed it. Lynn Foulkes is an amazing artist and I recommend everybody to visit this museum at least once in their life. I have made plans to start exploring L.A in more depth now that I'm about to leave it for college. 

p.s: I should be uploading posts more regularly now!! 

Love, Violet Lee

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