Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Midas Touch


green turtle neck: thrift/flea martet 
peplum floral skirt: forever 21
gold nikes: downtown LA

There was a time when I was a complete trend follower. Like seriously. In middle school if I saw people wearing something cool then I had to have it. It's totally cringe worthy now, but I can look back and say that that will never be the case again. EVER.
In one of my wannabe cool attempt I bought these cool gold nikes that I laced with neon green. I thought I was the baddest chick around.  When they became "uncool" I tossed them and replaced them with UGGS (I know!!!) which was the new hottest shoes at the time. 
I found these laying around my apartment and totally feel in love with them again. I got them in Downtown L.A, and they are one of the most unique shoes I own. I don't care if their not fashionable, I think they are awesome!
I bought this skirt a long time ago when I was super obsessed with shopping at Forever 21. 

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