Sunday, June 30, 2013

On the Road

berets: Crossroads Trading Post
top/necklace: forever 21
skirt: goodwill
shoes: creepers from Amazon

Hola again! I'm back, updating way more frequently than I usually do. I hope I can keep it up, but I just went to El Paso (where I grew up) and I didn't bring much clothes because the last time I came here, Greyhound lost our luggage which we THANKFULLY got back (I would of been heartbroken if I really lost it because it had like my entire wardrobe/essentials). Plus we generally don't do nothing in El Paso (because there is nothing to do really) so we thought we should not bother. 

 Okay anyway...this outfit was inspired by the beat generation. If you can tell by the title, On the Road, which is written by Jack Kerouac and thought to represent the beatnik culture, embodies my new journey in a physical and metaphysical sense. Although the stereotypical beatnik image of an all black ensemble  with long black hair and a black beret was cultivated nearly a decade after the height of the Beat poets/writers, I still like to think this is the kind of get up Allan Ginsberg and company was wearing when performing their revolutionary literary masterpieces. I got these 2 berets at the Crossroads Trading Post (second hand/consignment store) for half off ($3.50) and I saw a red one which was full price (close to $10) that I didn't get but hoping it will still be there when I get back to LA (hopefully it's discounted!). 

Hope you enjoy babycakes and sugarplums!


Summer Haze

crop top: forever 21
necklace: forever 21
pants: goodwill
shoes(creepers): Amazon

Hello, I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. I'm still deciding if I am. 
I feel lazy; and I know summer is suppose to be a time to chill but I hate not doing anything. I'm nervously anticipating college in the kind of bittersweet way of acknowledging that I'm finally growing up but realizing that time is slowly winding down.I know that is such a pessimistic way of looking at things but I have to do something with my life- I have to.  I feel like hitting the ground running, there is so much I want to attain in my lifetime and everyday I have this sizable gut feeling in my stomach which only continues to cause grief at my idleness. 
Okay, so that's my inner spiel right now, something that's been bothering me longer then the arrival of summer. I just want my life to have meaning, to be filled with things that I would be proud of. I'm so scared of waking up at 40 and seeing that I haven't done anything. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Overall I Guess I'm Happy

overalls: goodwill
doc martens: goodwill
striped shirt/jacket: I don't remember :{

I want this blog to be more than just a fashion one stop, I want it to behold my thoughts and dreams in such a way that a simple diary can't do. I want to look back on this in years to come (hopefully) and smile at my naivety and adolescent mentality. So I'm going to get more "meaningful" in my posts.

I use the same excuse all the time. "If it didn't happen, its because the universe didn't want it too", is my go-to philosophy and outlook for a lot of the things that happen in my life. Obviously i'm okay with this sort of thinking but lately I've been feeling that i've hijacked this spiritual theology to tailor to my own needs. For example when I miss the bus or arrive late for this Colgate University focus group where i could of gotten $75 for merely voicing my opinions (yesterday)- I simply shrug my shoulders and think that this is the design of the universe.
I do this 'scapegoating' on the universe if you will, because it saves me from having to blame myself. I find that I am terribly hard on myself when it comes to missed opportunities so by saying that it was meant to be, I essentially ease my consciousness. Maybe the universe is all knowing and maybe it's not, but I have to start taking responsibility for MY actions. I should have left my house earlier to make it to the focus group thing yesterday, no excuses. 

woah, I feel like an adult. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Romwe Dupe!

Look at this Romwe Dupe I just found on Ebay.

Here is the one sold at Romwe:

Romwe Tank Dress

The one on Ebay for HALF THE PRICE!

Ebay Tank Dress!

I love finding deals! I'll try and look for more!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Under the Sea

Red Overalls/Dungarees: Goodwill
Black Turtleneck: Goodwill
Creeper Shoes: Amazon
Pink Hat: Goodwill

I'm back with more overalls. Goodness I love dungarees, I love the duality of having both a shirt and pants combo. It's practical and cute but I'm pretty sure the people in my school think otherwise. Ha, but overalls are totally cool and I don't care if their in fashion or not. I can't wait to add to my collection.

On a second note, prom is coming up. 

It's suppose to be a magical night filled with magical things that everybody will remember for the rest of their life. Um. 

First off the tickets are super expensive. $100 for a ticket then I have to get some dress ( I might make it), and other stuff that I don't have money for. Not including the money I have to pay for caps and gown, yearbook, college stuff, etc.

Senior year is pricey. 

Good thing I only shop at thrift stores...

Question of the Day: What is your favorite store at the moment?

Update 06/14/2013

This outfit totally remind me of the movie Casper meets Wendy with Hillary Duff. I totally remember watching that movie when I was a kid (I loved witch/magical movies--I still do)

Oh how does she know me so well....


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