Sunday, June 30, 2013

On the Road

berets: Crossroads Trading Post
top/necklace: forever 21
skirt: goodwill
shoes: creepers from Amazon

Hola again! I'm back, updating way more frequently than I usually do. I hope I can keep it up, but I just went to El Paso (where I grew up) and I didn't bring much clothes because the last time I came here, Greyhound lost our luggage which we THANKFULLY got back (I would of been heartbroken if I really lost it because it had like my entire wardrobe/essentials). Plus we generally don't do nothing in El Paso (because there is nothing to do really) so we thought we should not bother. 

 Okay anyway...this outfit was inspired by the beat generation. If you can tell by the title, On the Road, which is written by Jack Kerouac and thought to represent the beatnik culture, embodies my new journey in a physical and metaphysical sense. Although the stereotypical beatnik image of an all black ensemble  with long black hair and a black beret was cultivated nearly a decade after the height of the Beat poets/writers, I still like to think this is the kind of get up Allan Ginsberg and company was wearing when performing their revolutionary literary masterpieces. I got these 2 berets at the Crossroads Trading Post (second hand/consignment store) for half off ($3.50) and I saw a red one which was full price (close to $10) that I didn't get but hoping it will still be there when I get back to LA (hopefully it's discounted!). 

Hope you enjoy babycakes and sugarplums!



  1. you look adorable. love your beret <3

  2. Such a cute outfit, love how you added a pop of color!

  3. You have such cute pictures but I feel like we're not getting the full experience because the pictures are so small!lol
    Try choosing size XLarge when uploading to blogger.
    I love this look on you-very street and free!

    1. Thanks for the advice, I will definitely take that into consideration the next time around.
      Thanks again!



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